Histories in Conflict:
Cities | Buildings | Landscapes

Van Leer Jerusalem Institute Jerusalem, June 13-15 2017

On the 50-year anniversary of the Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem and the contentious unification it legislated, we ask how can historians account for the predicaments of violence and uneven distributions of power in the built environment, particularly in the face of current worldwide geo-political crises?

The conference aims to open up questions about the purpose of writing histories of urban conflicts. We welcome papers that consider urban conflict and urge investigation into its related aspects of change and heterogeneity.

At the heart of the conference will be the question of how eruptions of strife shape architectural and urban histories; and reciprocally, how larger architectural and planning processes, along with the histories that register their impact, intervene in the predicament of confict. The aim of the conference is to bring together different responses to this predicament from both regional architectural and urban historians and worldwide members of the EAHN.